About Casa Collections

Lies in the heart of Casa Collections people and in the heart of every art piece we made.This is the place where Casa Collections people develop, learn and work.

Passionate and uncompromising when it comes to quality with vision, dedication, and perseverance in their work, determined to achieve the ultimate result. These are Casa Collections people.

This is the place where Casa Collections begins in 2006. The vision of its founder was to offer the ultimate quality and home experience. So that every time you go back home, you can relax, enjoy and feel somewhere familiar and warm.

Casa Collections remains loyal to the philosophy of its founder, making product of superior quality and style in natural materials.

The Casa Collections art works has no borders, it has an international character. It becomes an ambassador of the Casa Brand, its quality, simplicity, lifestyle and values.

Today we manufacture over 1000 different types of home decor, lamps and furniture, 300 specialist are employed in our 25000 square meters plant. With respect, knowledge and experience, we are proud to introduce you of our perfect team work!

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